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Londonderry New Hampshire
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Office Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Frequently Asked Questions
General questions
How do I prove residency in the Town of Londonderry?
1) NH Drivers license with current address sealed by the State
of NH, or
2) Closing papers on a home. (Occupancy permit issued by the Building Division), or
3) Rental Agreement, or
4) Utility bill, such as gas or electric. (Cell phone bill and checking accounts do not prove you are at that “physical address”), or
5) Notarized letter from the property owner where you are claiming residency. (If you are living with someone and they rent, and you are not on the rental agreement, you must have the notarized letter from the Landlord stating you live at that address.)

Can I pay by credit card?
No. Currently, the Town’s systems do not accept Credit or Debit cards.

Can I pay with an Out of State Check for a family member?
No. The Town does not accept out of state check, due to complexities involved with those checks that are returned for non-payment. (You may wish to write a check to your family member and have them either pay with cash or certified funds.)

Motor Vehicle
What do I need to register a motor vehicle if I am moving to Londonderry from out of state?
1) Proof of Residency
2) If you own your car, the Title and the current valid registration and payment are required. You must have the Title; we can not accept a copy or fax according to State law.
3) If you have a loan or a leased vehicle, please call our office at (603) 432-1100 x195, as there are many questions we need to ask you to be sure we can process this quickly and effectively in the most convenient way for you.
4) One check payable to the Town of Londonderry, Cash, or Credit Cards (with a 2.95% convenience fee added for cards)

What do I need to register a Motor Vehicle if I am moving within the State of NH?
1) Proof of Residency
2) Current Valid Registration
3) You only need to renew your registration in your renewal month.
4) One check payable to the Town of Londonderry, Cash, or Credit Cards (with a 2.95% convenience fee added for cards)

What do I need to bring if I want to transfer my plates?
1) The original registration; no copies are allowed.
2) The transfer must be going from the “same name to the same name” (The first name of the registration is the same name that should be on the new paperwork. Only when a vehicle is leased can the leasing company be different. You still must be on the original lease agreement and the new paperwork. Please call for details, as it can be very confusing. 603-432-1100 x195)
3) Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Title, or application of Certificate of Title, from the dealership.
4) One check payable to the Town of Londonderry, Cash, or Credit Cards (with a 2.95% convenience fee added for cards)
5) Most registrations can be completed at the Town Hall, with few exceptions, such as vehicles over 26,000 lbs, lease to lease, lease to own, own to lease.
6) You must start the process at Town Hall first. If needed, the process will be completed at the State Department of Motor Vehicles.

Can I register my car on-line?
1) Yes. Only a straight renewal with no changes can be
completed. Please have your registration & checking account number ready as you process.
2) There is a fee of $2.50 for the 1st vehicle and $1.85 for each
additional completed on the same transaction. This is to cover cost of postage, printing of the checks, and maintenance of the server.

If I register my car on-line and get stopped is my registration valid?
1) No. Until you physically have the registrations and stickers it
is not registered.
2) Please be sure to allow 5 business days for processing and mailing.

Can I get vanity plate or Moose plates at the Town of Londonderry?
Yes. We are now on-line with the State of NH and can provide this service to you.

Can I sign a title application if it is not in my name?
No. However if you have a notarized power of attorney to sign on
their behalf, you can. The power of attorney must specify what you have permission to sign for. Year, Make, Model & VIN number must be listed.

Dog Licensing
How and when do I register a dog?
1) State law requires all dog license be renewed in the month
of April, but no later than May 30th of each year to avoid any late fees or civil forfeitures.
2) A new dog must be licensed as soon as the rabies is issued to a puppy or as soon as you become the owner. Thereafter, you need to renew the license each year in the month of April.
3) Proof of rabies and spaying or neutering certificate is required. No dog may be licensed without a valid rabies certificate.
4) The cost to license a dog is as follows:
a. Puppy under 7 months $6.50
b. Spayed or Neutered dog $6.50
c. Un-Altered dog $9.00
d. Senior (owners 65 or older) $2.00 for the 1st dog only. Each additional dog is subject to the normal fees.
e. Lost tag – replacement fee $0.25
5) If you have lost your dog due to illness or they have a new home, please let us know ( or 432-1100 X195, so that we can remove the information from our system to avoid any unnecessary hardship.

Marriage License/Birth & Death Certificates
What do I need to apply for a Marriage License?
1) Both Bride and Groom need to be present
2) For a 1st marriage – Birth Certificate or Drivers License showing your date of Birth is required (18 years or older)
3) For subsequent marriages, final divorce decree or Death Certificate (whichever is applicable for your last marriage)
4) A $45.00 fee (Cash or Checks only)
5) Marriage license is valid for 90 days
6) Please try to arrive in our office by 4:00pm, which allows time for processing and any other delays that may occur.

How do I obtain a copy of a Certified Marriage, Death or Birth Certificate?
1) You must be related to the individual or individuals. Immediate family members include, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Grandmother and Grandfather. A Lawyer may apply for the certificate only if they are taking care of specific business and must provide written request on their letterhead. (There are certain guidelines to follow with this procedure; please call our office at 432-1100 x195)
1) A $12.00 fee is collected for a search (whether or not a certified copy can be processed). If you request more than one copy of the same record at the same time, you will be charged an $8.00 fee for each additional copy you have requested. (For example, three copies would cost $28.00).
2) The Request must be in writing with signature along with payment. (Cash or Check made payable to the Town of Londonderry.)
3) You may make your request through the mail, addressed to: Town of Londonderry, Town Clerks office, 268B Mammoth Rd., Londonderry, NH 03053. Be sure to include a self addressed stamped envelope and a copy of your drivers license.
4) The Town’s “NHVRIN” system can access information throughout the State of NH as far back as 1988.
5) Anything prior to 1988 must be requested through the Town or City office of its origination, i.e. where the original marriage license was obtained, the Town or City where birth took place (example: the Town or City of the Hospital) or place of Death.

When and where are elections held?
Polls are open from 7:00am to 8:00pm in the Londonderry High School Gym located at 268 Mammoth Rd.

How do I obtain an absentee ballot?
1) You must be a registered voter
2) If you are requesting a ballot for the General Election or the Town Election, you do not need to be affiliated with a “Party”. (Undeclared voter.)
3) If you are Undeclared and wish to vote in a State or Presidential Primary, you must declare a Party Affiliation (Democrat or Republican). Once you have declared a party,
you are now affiliated with that party until you change back to Undeclared, should you choose. This can only be done after the election is held in which you have changed your party.
4) You must be out of state and unable to make it to the polls on the day of the election in order to request an absentee ballot.
5) The request must be completed in writing from the individual. See “Forms” for a printed request.
6) You may fax your request form to 603-421-9617. Please provide us with a contact number or e-mail should any questions arise to help expedite your request.
7) Request forms may be found on our web-site. From the home page go to departments/town clerk-tax collector/forms and click on the form you need. Please remember you must complete a form for each election even though there are several options for the State and Federal Elections. (i.e. one for State Primary and one for Presidential Election.)

What are the requirements to register to vote?
1) Must be 18 years of age by or one the day of the election.
2) Proof of U.S. Citizenship (Birth Certificate, Passport, Marriage Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Naturalization papers)
3) Proof of Londonderry NH Residency – Driver’s License with imprinted Londonderry address, Photo ID and document with Londonderry address.

When can I register to vote?
At Town Hall during regular business hours, special sessions of the Supervisors of the Checklist (which are held prior to any election or meeting for which times and dates are published in local newspapers and posted at the Town Hall) or at any election. *Note – No one may register at any meeting or deliberative session.

When is the Voter Registration Cut Off?
No one may register within ten days prior to any meeting or election, which allows time to correct and print the checklists.

Who can I contact about voting and registration?
Supervisors of the Checklist
Geraldine (Gerry) Van Grevenhof 432-5235
Deborah (Debbie) Currier 434-6996
Anne Warner 432-8949