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Londonderry New Hampshire
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Town Clerk Tax Collectors
Office Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Voter Registration
The Supervisors of the Checklist are responsible for maintaining an accurate record of voters for the Town of Londonderry. The Supervisors hold office hours in Town Hall prior to every election and deliberative meeting, as required by election laws. In addition, we meet as needed to keep the files and records up to date and correct. The times and dates of these sessions are posted at Town Hall, on the Londonderry town website, and are published in the local newspaper.

The goal of the Supervisors is to make voter registration as convenient as possible and maintain the accuracy and integrity of Londonderry's voter checklist.

When and were are elections held?
Polls are open 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Londonderry High School Gym located at 295 Mammoth Road.
How do I obtain an Absentee Ballot?
What are the requirements to register to vote?
Proof of Londonderry, NH Residency (Driver's License or Passport with current Londonderry address, other acceptable proof of domicile can be found Here).
When can I register to vote?
At Town Hall in the Clerk's office during regular business hours, special sessions of the Supervisor of the Checklist (which are held prior to any election or meeting for which times and dates are published in local newspapers and posted at the Town Hall) or at any election. 
**Londonderry also offers:
Election Day registration, at the polls.**

No one may register at any town meeting or deliberative session.
When is the Voter Registration Cut Off?
No one may register within ten days prior to any meeting or election, which allows time to correct and print the checklists, or as posted prior to a State Election
Who can I contact about voting and registration?
Supervisor of the Checklist Contact Information:
Kristin Grages:, 603-682-0259
Kirsten Hildonen: