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Londonderry New Hampshire
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Knox-Box Program
The Knox Rapid Entry System was developed to save lives and property.

Click the link below to purchse a commercial or residential Knox-Box.

In order to provide a faster and more secure service to our community, the Londonderry Fire Department has adopted the Knox-Box® Rapid Entry System. The Knox-Box® Rapid Entry System is a secure emergency access program developed for property owners and fire departments. When a fire breaks out or there is a medical emergency, Knox® products allow immediate entry into buildings and property without forced entry damage or delay. Property owners store entrance keys, access cards and floor plans in high-security Knox-Boxes mounted near building entrances. Each Knox-Box purchased by a property owner is keyed to a single master key controlled by the Londonderry Fire Department only.

The Londonderry Fire Department uses a Knox-Box® KeySecure® key retention device in all of our equipment. KeySecure® is a password controlled  unit that retains the Knox® master key in emergency vehicles. Fire department personnel enter a user specific password to gain access to the master key. Once secured, the key is locked in place until the next recorded request.

In addition to key boxes and vaults, Knox padlocks and key switches operate with the same master key.

Increased property damage and even total loss is a threat when property is not accessible.

Knox-Boxes are constructed of 1/4" solid steel with a 1/2" steel door and reinforced locking mechanism. They are UL listed against physical attack and the Medeco security lock is patented and UL listed for drill, pick and pull resistance. Knox-Boxes are specified by the Londonderry Fire Department but are purchased directly from the Knox Company. Once installed near the entrance to your property, the fire department locks your building entrance key inside the Knox-Box so that it is available onsite for future emergencies.

If you have any further questions feel free to call the Knox Company at 800-552-5669 or you can visit the Knox website at Otherwise, please call the Londonderry Fire Department at 603-432-1124 to obtain an order form and installation instructions.

Five reasons to install a Knox-Box system on your home or business.

1. Eliminate needless, costly forced entry damage that may not be covered by your Insurance deductible.

2. Assure immediate building entry by firefighters and paramedics without delay or waiting for building keys.

3. Protect inventory, equipment and supplies from unnecessary water damage caused by delayed sprinkler shut-off.

4. Satisfy any local fire codes and emergency access ordinances that may be in place.

5. Feel secure about emergency coverage when your building/residence is left unattended. The Londonderry Fire Department holds the only key to the Knox-Box.