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Londonderry New Hampshire
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Fire Prevention
Brian Johnson
Division Chief of Fire Prevention
Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement


  • JAN. 2010: NH State Law Requiring CO Detectors in Single and Multi-Family Dwellings and ALL Rental Properties. (Click Here)

  • Grills are NOT permitted to be kindled or used within ten feet of multifamily buildings.  (Click Here)

  • Londonderry Fire Department Regulations:  (Click Here)
  • Permits
  • System Maintenance
  • Fire Alarms
  • Hydrants
  • Fire Lanes
  • Blasting
  • Londonderry Fire Department Routine Inspection Requirements. (Click Here)


NOTICE: All permits are to be pulled prior to beginning any work.  All reinspection fees are to be paid prior to the inspection.

Any inspections that do not have a permit pulled or reinspection fee paid prior to the morning of the scheduled appointment will be canceled. YOU are then responsible for rescheduling at the required 48-hour notice.

NO Permit = NO Inspection

One and Two Family Residential Building Inspections
In one and two family buildings, the Fire Prevention Division inspects all oil fired systems. Inspections must be completed before a certificate of occupancy can be issued. 

Fire Inspections for Multifamily, Commercial and Industrial Structures 
The most extensive inspections involve multifamily, commercial and industrial buildings. 

Sprinkler Systems 
1) Developers must submit the fire alarm and sprinkler system plan to the Fire Department for review and approval. 
2) During the building process, the Fire Prevention Division makes a preliminary inspection to check the piping for the sprinkler system. 
3) When the sprinkler system is completed, the Fire Prevention Division performs a final inspection on sprinkler systems, subject to all applicable codes. If developers or owners don't want to buy a copy of these codes, they can be reviewed at the Fire Prevention office at the Fire Station or the building department in the town hall, 268 B Mammoth Rd.

Fire Alarm Systems 
1) Developers must submit the fire alarm system plan to the Fire Department for review and approval. 
2) During the building process, the Fire Prevention Division makes a preliminary inspection to check the location of devices and wiring. 
3) When the alarm system is completed, the Fire Prevention Division witnesses the final test, including triggering the alarms. 

Mechanical Systems 
Inspect oil burning devices, such as heating systems and industrial ovens. 

Examine code-required fire separations or fire walls, which reduce fire and smoke spread. The Fire Prevention Division works closely with the building inspector on this aspect of the inspection. 
Structural inspections start early and are ongoing throughout the construction phase. The actual number of inspections needed depends on the use of the building. For example, a high hazard building is going to be heavily inspected. Once the user and size of the building is determined, the Fire Prevention Division can give the developer a good estimate of the inspection process. 

Site Plans 
The Fire Department is also consulted early in the review process by the Planning Board. (The Fire Prevention Division reviews the material submitted to the Planning Board, the developer does not have to submit additional site plans for the Fire Department.) Key site plan issues are fire and emergency vehicle access and hydrant placements. 

Tips for a Successful Inspection 
It is easier to solve problems early in the plan process. The Fire Prevention Division is willing to meet as many times as possible to solve the problems. In short, meet with the Fire Prevention Division early and often. 
If the builder has federal or state guidelines to follow, as well as local codes, let the Fire Department know as soon as possible so any conflicts can be resolved. 

Services and Fees  (Click here for Fee Schedule)  
The Fire Prevention Division is available for consultation to look over materials related to the structure, but the Fire Department requires 48 hours notice for any inspections or meetings. 
Appointments can be made through the Fire Department dispatcher (432-1125). You don't have to wait to speak to the Fire Prevention Division directly.