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Londonderry New Hampshire
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1.      Do I need a permit for a shed?
Yes. Whether the shed is built on site or prefabricated a permit is required. Any shed less than 400 square feet is not required to have permanent footings. A shed 400 square feet or more must have footings installed to frost depth of 48". All sheds must comply with all setback provisions.

2.      Am I allowed to have an accessory apartment at my home? What are the restrictions?
Please see link on last page: Accessory Living Unit Zoning Regulations

3.      What are the setback requirements for residential properties?
All structures in the Residential Agricultural (AR-1) zoning district are
required to be setback from the property lines by the following distances:
Front Property Line Setback = 40 feet
*Side & Rear Property Line Setback = 15 feet
* Structures and enclosures for housing livestock must be setback 25 feet

4.      Do I need to install a fence around an above-ground pool?
No. Provided that the sides of the pool is a solid structure (not the vinyl
inflatable type) and the walls are at least 48 inches in height above the ground.

5.      Can I install a fence on my property line, and do I need a permit?
Yes. You can install a fence no more than 6 feet in height on your rear and side property lines. Any fence taller than 6 feet is considered a structure and must then meet the setback requirements. Fences along the front property line may not exceed 4 feet in height, and should be of the "open" type such as chain-link, rail or picket.

6.      What are the current residential Stair and Handrail requirements?
Residential stairways must be at least 36" wide with treads at 10" minimum depth and a maximum riser height of 7-3/4". Handrails are required on any stairway with 4 or more risers (steps). Handrails must be installed at a height between 34"-38" above the stair (measured @ the stair nosing).

7.      Do I need to install a new septic system if I wish to add a bedroom in my home?
If the additional bedroom exceeds the total number of bedrooms for which the existing system was designed for then a new septic system must be designed for the property. The newly approved system is not required to be installed until such time when the existing system fails.

8.      Am I allowed to do Electrical and Plumbing work on my property?
Yes. Provided the property is a single-family dwelling occupied by the owner as their primary domicile with no other living units in the structure, the owner may do their own work.

9.      Do I need a permit to replace roof shingles or siding?
No. Provided there is no structural work involved. If it is discovered that some portion of the building framing needs to be replaced because of moisture damage then a permit and follow-up inspection would be required.

10.     Who would I contact for the following: Building Codes? Health regulations? Zoning requirements? Who would I contact to report a possible violation?
For building, health and zoning regulations you may contact: 432-1100 x.115 or email Libby C., Permit Tech