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Londonderry New Hampshire
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William R. Hart
Chief of Police
The Administrative Division consists of the Chief, three Captains, five Lieutenants, one Executive Secretary and one Prosecutor.  This division is responsible for the overall management of the police department. It addresses areas such as employee supervision, department budgeting and expenses, policies, human resources, and establishment of police and community goals.

The Chief of Police, as Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for all activities of the Department.  He is the primary liaison between the Town of Londonderry and the Police Department.  The Chief must be able to identify the needs of the community and direct the Department's activities to best meet these needs.  In addition, the Chief must be aware of Departmental needs and provide for resolution.  The Chief has three division commanders and an executive secretary who report directly to him.

The Division Commanders
There is a Captain in charge of the Operations Division, a Captain in charge of the Support Services Division, and a Captain in charge of the Airport Division.  The Operations Captain oversees all strategic and day to day responsibilities of the patrol and detective divisions.  The Support Services Captain oversees all matters relating to communications, records, school resource officers and the other support operations.  The Airport Captain oversees all strategic and day to day operations of the Law Enforcement Office personnel located at the Manchester Boston Regional Airport.

Each of the Lieutenants function as the watch commander during their shift.  Their job is to oversee all day to day operations of the police department, and to represent the administrative contact to the public and officers, 24 hours a day.  The lieutenants generally remain in the station, thus allowing the patrol sergeants to spend most of their time on the road, supervising patrol officers and assisting the public.

Executive Secretary
The executive secretary is responsible for personnel issues in the department such as payroll, benefits, billing of outside details, and maintenance of personnel files.  The executive secretary works directly for the Chief to assist him in daily administrative activities.

The Londonderry Police Department employs a full-time attorney dedicated to prosecuting misdemeanor cases in district court.  The Prosecutor represents the interests of the State of New Hampshire during criminal proceedings.  Most of the Prosecutor's time in court is held at the Derry District Court.  The Derry District Court holds arraignments for both felony and misdemeanor charges and may also hold probable cause hearings related to felonies.  In addition, Derry District Court holds trials for all violations and misdemeanors within its jurisdiction.  The Prosecutor is also responsible for juvenile cases which go to trial.  Juvenile court is commonly held in the Derry
Family Court is a closed session and not open to the public.