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Londonderry New Hampshire
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Captain Robert A. Michaud
Services Division Commander
There are many specialized divisions within the police department which work together to accomplish the goals of crime detection and prevention.  These divisions allow officers the opportunity to utilize their specific talents and skills to not only benefit the Department but also the community in which they work.  The Londonderry Police Department has several specialized divisions which are described below.

Administrative Secretary
The Administrative Secretary handles the administrative responsibilities of the Support Services Division. She is responsible for Prosecution scheduling and case file management.  She also coordinates the department’s overtime hiring in order to meet minimum staffing.  In addition to her other duties, she handles administrative matters for the Lieutenants and Captains of all other Divisions.

Building & Maintenance
The current Police Station opened in August of 2004.  Since then a single person has been responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the building, maintenance of service contracts and trouble-shooting the buildings multitude of systems when necessary.  The Building and Maintenance Manager also monitors supplies and the building operating systems.

Records Bureau
The Records Bureau is a critical function within the department.  It maintains all case reports, recovered property items, and evidence from crimes.  Once reports are approved, they are submitted to Records and are assigned a case number.  This system allows for easy retrieval of information needed for insurance companies, courts, and detectives.  Records is also responsible for the transportation/return of evidence (e.g. drugs) to or from the state’s testing labs.  The Records Bureau, working closely with Telecommunications, monitors the information technology (IT) aspect of police work.  The clerk responsible for the IT requirements of the Police Department monitors the IT systems and assures that it gives the police officer access to as much of the information contained within the system as needed.

School Traffic Safety
School traffic safety consists of several crossing-guards who ensure the safety of children as they travel to and from school.  They are responsible for monitoring and regulating traffic when children and school buses are entering the roadway.  Crossing-guards are typically on-duty during the hours immediately before and after the schools open and close.

Telecommunications, also referred to as Dispatch, is an essential part of the Police Department.  To most of the public, the only visible signs of the Police Department that serves them are the police officers who operate the patrol cars, motorcycles and bicycles which the public may encounter around Town.  Unseen by most of the public are the Telecommunications Operators, without whom the public would have no link with the police officers and the officers would have no link to all the resources necessary to serve the public in this fast-paced technological age.

The Londonderry Police Department has six (6) full-time Telecommunications Operators and one Telecommunications Supervisor.  A Telecommunications Operator monitors the primary radio channel and is responsible for responding to the needs of as many as 14-17 patrol officers, detectives, and staff officers at any given time.  In addition to the primary radio channel, the Telecommunications Operator monitors eight (8) frequencies of other law enforcement and public safety agencies within the State. All telephone calls coming in to police emergency and business lines from the public are answered by the Telecommunications Operator.

The Telecommunications Operator must field all calls for service and dispatch the appropriate number of officers as well as any other agencies needed such as fire department, ambulance services, wrecker services, highway department, etc.  The Telecommunications Operator operates three (3) different computers, which begin the record keeping process of the Department, allow contact with law enforcement agencies in any state, the F.B.I., and mobile data terminals in our own patrol cruisers.

The Telecommunications Operator monitors 15 different locations by video including prisoners being booked and prisoners that are in the cells.  The Telecommunications Operator also takes care of all people who walk into the Police Station for assistance, and keeps a variety of handwritten records on a myriad of items.

Training Bureau
With over seventy officers on the payroll, including the Airport Division, the Police Department established a Training Bureau in May of 2008.   While training has always been a requirement and a particular focus of the PD, the increased number of officers made the need for a specific Bureau clear.  With eight hours of annual continuing education training required by Police Standards and Training, over and above annual certification with the firearm and four hours annual training in the Use of Force, the need was clear.