The CART/Londonderry Supplemental
Pilot Program EXTENDED Through 12/31/17

CART/Londonderry Supplemental Pilot Program EXTENDED through 10/31/17!!

The Town of Londonderry has extended its pilot program THROUGH 10/31/17 to assess the transportation needs of Londonderry Seniors and other Londonderry residents eligible for transportation on CART (a public transportation system that services Londonderry, Chester, Derry, Hampstead and Salem).  Do you need a ride within or between those towns, or to certain medical centers in Manchester?  Call CART at 434-3569 and someone will assist you! If CART can’t accommodate you, CART will notify the Town and we will arrange a ride for you through Green Cab.  Rides which cannot be accommodated by CART but are arranged through Green Cab will generally be available M-F, 8 AM. – 4:30 PM. We will make sure you get where you need to go!  During the pilot program, the Town will pay the full fare for all riders who need to be accommodated via Green Cab— BUT YOU MUST CALL CART at 434-3569 FIRST!