Capital Improvements Program

The Planning Board is charged under RSA 674:5 with preparing and annually updating a Capital Improvements Program (CIP).  The preparation and adoption of a CIP is an important part of Londonderry’s planning process. A CIP aims to recognize and resolve deficiencies in existing public facilities and anticipate and plan for future demand for capital facilities. A CIP is a multi-year schedule that lays out a series of municipal projects and their associated costs. Over the six-year period considered by the CIP, it shows how the Town should plan to expand or renovate facilities and services to meet the demands of existing or new population and businesses.

A CIP is an advisory document that can serve a number of purposes, among them to:

  • Guide the Town Council, School Board, and the Budget  Committee in the annual budgeting process;
  • Contribute to stabilizing the Town’s real property tax rate;
  • Aid the prioritization, coordination, and sequencing of various municipal improvements; and
  • Inform residents, business owners, and developers of planned improvements

In accordance with Section 5.5 of the Town Charter, and RSA 674:5, the Town Council appoints the members of the CIP Committee annually.  By Town Charter, the CIP Committee is comprised of one (1) member of the Town Council, one (1) member of the School Board, one (1) member of the Budget Committee and two (2) members of the Planning Board. The CIP Committee is tasked with preparing and submitting a Capital Improvements Plan to the Planning Board for its review.   The Planning Board will finalize recommendations, adopt the CIP plan and forward the plan to the Town Council and School Board for consideration.

Board Members

Name Title
John Farrell
Steve Breault
Jake Butler
Bruce Hallowell
Jenn Ganem
Mike Saucier School Board Alternate