Community & Business Maps

Londonderry employs a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) to assist with site identification, review and analysis.  The Town has extensive information on land characteristics and has easy access to submitted plot and site plan information. 

For more information, or assistance with specific sites, please contact Amy Kizak, GIS Manager/Comprehensive Planner by email or phone (603-432-1100x128).  

Below are commonly referred-to maps that depict the economic characteristics of Londonderry.

Map of Londonderry

Map of Londonderry  Community Location (Google)

Town Base Map  Town Base Map

Picture of a mapTown Tax Maps with Zoning Districts,2018

Map NH Economic Revitalization Zone (ERZ) Designated Parcels

Big letter M with the words Manchester Boston below Manchester-Boston Regional Airport 

MapForiegn-Trade Zone (FTZ) Parcels

MapWoodmont Commons Master Plan Information Graphic

MapEcoPark District

MapLabor Market Area Map

MapOutdoor Recreation Guide

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