The Londonderry Opportunity

The Town of Londonderry is the 9th largest community in New Hampshire, with an estimated 2012 population of 24,269, a daytime population of 26,000, and a regional population (20-mile radius) of 700,413.  It is one of the Region's fastest growing communities.

Town Support: We are governed by a Town Council, with a citizen annual budgetary Town Meeting.  We emply a professional Manager, along with engineers, planners, GIS mapping and economic development professionals.  

Location: Londonderry is in the fast-growing Southern New Hampshire region.  It is intersected by I-93 with two (2) Londonderry exits, and is 15 minutes from I-495.  It is 40 miles northwest of Boston and is adjacent to the state's two largest cities, Manchester and Nashua.  We reach a Metro Area of nearly 5 million people.  

Commercial Facilities: Most of the industrial land near the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT) is in Londonderry.  MHT is one of the fastest growing commercial airports in the country, and compliments the Boston-Logan airport.  The area around the Airport is part of both a Free Trade Zone and an Economic Revitalization Zone.

Economy: Our economic base is a diverse combination of new logistic centers near the airport and interstate, local and international manufacturing facilities, knowledge-based and technology sectors, aeronautical services and  - in Sales Tax free New Hampshire -a strong retail sector. 

Education: Our school system is among the higher ranked in the state.  The high school has a graduation rate of 98.2 percent and was recently granted the New Hampshire Excellence in Education Award for 2008 as Outstanding Secondary School. The high school's Superintendent has recently earned the Administrator of the Year and Library Excellence awards. The NHPTA has awarded Adminitrator of the Year, Middle School Principal of the Year and Assistant Principal of the Year to Londonderry administrators since 2009.

New England Heritage:  Seven active apple orchards are located in Londonderry and contribute to the Town's scenic and cultural identity.  The Londonderry Appleway is a NH designated scenic and cultural byway that identifies a trail way to view many of the  orchards, most of which are permanently protected through agricultural easements placed on the farms in recent years.


  • Shopping: We are within 15 miles of three shopping malls and NH's largest retail/commercial centers, with direct highway access at 2 exits.
  • Healthcare: We are within 7 miles of NH's larget hospitals and easy commute to Boston hospitals for the highest quality care in the Northeast.
  • Boston: We are just an hour from Fenway Park and other Boston amenities. 
  • Commuting: Londonderry hosts the two (2) of the State's Commuter bus stations (parking for 1,180 combined) off of I-93, with 14 trips daily to-from downtown Boston and the Logan-International Airport

Competitive Advantages

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

Foreign Trade Zones are designated by the US Dept. of Commerce.  For the purpose of duty assessment, goods entered into the zone are considered to be outside the commerce of the US and therefore, no duty is paid while in the zone.

Economic Recovery Zone (ERZ)

There are two ERZs (view map). Either allows for a business to take a credit against state taxes for eligible capital investment that results in new hiring

Commercially Available Properties

There are three key areas: Industrial and Logistic Airport Area, the Exit 5 Logistics and Retail area, the Exit 4 retail and transportation hub, and the newest development is the multi-use, Planned Mixed-Use Community of Woodmont of 625 acres, with 1m+ sq ft. in new retail space, a state-of-the-art healthcare facility, integrated recreation, accommodation and public transportation systems, and a mix of 1400 new housing units in a variety of prices and styles

Community Infrastructure:

The community has invested in its infrastructure over the past several years so that it now has suspended its Impact Fees; they are no longer needed. Water and sewer capacities are available, and are purchase from adjacent municipal run utilities. The area is served by Northeast Utilizes- PSNH, and includes some of their newer transmission facilities. A back-up, gas-fired 750Mega-Watt generator facility is also in Londonderry.


Granite Ridge is a 752 MW natural gas-fired, gray-water cooled, combined cycle electric generating station located in Londonderry, New Hampshire. The Facility operates at a heat rate of less than 7,000 btu/kWh

Labor Force Information

The workforce region that includes Londonderry is the largest in the state, and includes access to five (5) Labor Market Areas within a commuter’s drive, with significant technology populations.

Staff Contacts

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Kevin H Smith Manager