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Over $1 Million Square Feet in Economic Expansion: 500 New Jobs in Londonderry

News article on recent successes

Master Plan

Comprehensive Master Plan (2013) for Londonderry

Londonderry Freezer Warehouse Recognition

Local Business, Londonderry Frezer Warehoue, selected for 2013 New Hampshire

Excellance by US Institute for Excellance in Commerce (USIEC)

Pettengill Road Development Opportunities: Analysis and Findings

Economic Impact Study by Applied Economic Reseach

for the Londonderry Housing and Redevelopment Authority (LHRA), December 2012

Could Londonderry be the Next Pease? (Business NH Magazine)

Report on Economic Development Potential in Londonderry

Woodmont Commons Master Plan (Volume 1)  (Volume 2) (Volume 3)

Planned Unit Development Master Plan, Appendices,

Development Agreement and Fiscal Impact Analysis

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