Ordinances Numbers 05-01 to 09-07

05-01Request to Rezone Map 6, Lot 75-4
05-02Amend Municipal Code, Title V, Chapter I, Section II, Municipal Departments
05-03Amend Zoning Ordinance Relative to FEMA Flood Insurance Study Maps
05-04Zoning Ordinance Relative to Additional Definitions
05-05Zoning Ordinance Relative to the Regulation of Signs
05-06Amend Municipal Code for Regulation of Itinerant Vendors, Hawkers and Peddlers
05-07Amend Zoning Ordinance to Rezoning of Certain Parcels
05-08Amend Reorganization of Lon. Zoning Ordinance
05-09Amend Municipal Code Relating to Traffic Safety Ordinance
05-10Amend Zoning Ordinance, Rezoning of Certain Parcels
05-11Regulation of Secondhand Dealers and Pawnbrokers
06-01Amend Changes and Modifications to Zoning Ordinance
06-02Request to Rezone Map 12, Lot 68 (DiCarlos)
06-03Amend Zoning Ordinance Relating to Rezone Map 12, Lot 68
06-04Amendment to Zoning Ordinance, Elderly Housing (Elevator)


Rezoning of Portion of Tax Map 15, Lot 97 (Clark & Jack’s Br.)


Traffic Safety Issue, Speed Limit on Mohawk Drive
06-07Duties & Responsibilities of Councilor Liaisons (Amend Municipal Code, Title V, Chapter 3, Section X)
06-08Sanctioning of Recreation Groups & Programs
06-09Amendment to Traffic Safety Ordinance, (Wilson Rd.)
06-10Amendment to the Municipal Code Relating to Sewer Rental Charge.
06-11Prohibition of Hunting on Town
06-12Prohibition of Smoking on Town Property
07-01Amendments to Zoning Ordinance Regarding Elderly Housing
07-02Amendments to Sewer Ordinance
07-03Amend Zoning Ordinance – Impact Fees Updated
07-04Amend Zoning Ordinance – Impact Fees Updated
07-05Rezone Certain Property on Clark Rd. (Coca-Cola Facility)


Rezone Certain Property on Clark Rd. (Coca-Cola Facility)
07-07Rezoning Map 6, Lot 31 (Buttrick Road, 102)
07-08Rev. to Zoning Ordinance (Vehicle Access & Parking & Sign
07-09Codification of Ambulance Fees & Collection

Citizens Petition to Rezone Land on Perkins Road


Revisions to the Zoning Ordinance
07-12Amend Municipal Code, Title VI – Code of Ethics
08-01Adjust Penalty Provision for Municipal Ordinance
08-02Revisions to The Zoning Ordinance
08-03Rezoning of Map 7, Lot 132-28 from C-IV to AR-I
08-04Rezone Tax Map 7, Lots 132-1 through 132-20
08-05Rezoning of Map 15, Lot 96, Clark & Jacks Bridge Rd.
08-06Amendments to Zoning Ordinance (Temp. Structures, Lot Size)
08-07Amendments to Zoning Ordinance (Temp. Structures, Lot Size)
08-08Amend Municipal Code Title III (Street Numbering)


Amendments to Zoning Ordinance, Portable Storage Structures
08-10Amendment to Title VI, Sec. XXVI, Code of Ethics
08-11Amend to Zoning Ordinance Regarding Historic Overlay District (Sec.4.1.1 Only)
08-12Amend Zoning Ordinance Regarding Planned Residential Developments
08-13Amend Municipal Code Chapter XXVI, Taxation of Farm Structures & Land under Farm Structures
08-14Amend Municipal Code for Regulation of Secondhand Dealers and pawnbrokers


Amendments to Zoning Regulations Regarding Fencing
09-02Amendment to Municipal Code, Title IV, Chap. V. Solid Waste Recycling
09-03Amend Zoning Ordinance Small Wind Energy Systems
09-04Amend Zoning Ordinance for Workforce Housing
09-05Create New Gateway Business District


Create Planned Unit Development Process
09-07Amend Zoning Ordinance Assoc. w/Gateway business District & the Planned Unit Development Process