Budget Committee


The Londonderry Budget Committee consists of 7 members who are elected to three-year staggered terms. The Committee’s charter is to advise the Town Council, the School Board, and the Town of Londonderry on matters related to their budgets, providing a “third party” taxpayer’s perspective. The Committee’s work typically gets underway by holding preliminary briefing sessions with the Town Manager and the Superintendent of schools, as well as various town department heads. This process not only provides committee members with a basic outline of town, school & department-level finances, but also affords the managers an opportunity to brief the committee on their current budgets and future requirements. Such advance information is valuable for putting department budget requests in perspective during the often lengthy budget review process. In addition, the committee also participates in several budget workshops with the town & school during the annual budget process. 

The Budget Committee has a unique vantage point in the budget process, as it is chartered to review both the Town and the School Districts financial needs and offer its recommendations to those entities. The Committee’s goal is to ensure that the budgets of both the Superintendent of Schools and the Town Manager provide taxpayers with adequate town and school services and the necessary infrastructure to operate in a fiscally responsible manner, while preferably maintaining a stable tax bill. Community members interested in viewing Budget Committee activities are invited to attend our regularly scheduled meetings on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Londonderry Town Offices. All regular Budget Committee meetings are also broadcast live on local cable channel GOV-22 and videotaped for replay for viewers at home. The committee hopes this will provide a convenient way for residents to send appropriate feedback.

Board Members

Name Title
Chad Franz Chair
Jonathan Kipp Vice-Chair
Jennifer Kenney Secretary
Christine Patton Member
Kirsten Hildonen Member
Steve Breault Member
Paul Skudlarek Member