Zoning Board of Adjustment


The Zoning Board of Adjustment, also referred to as the Board of Appeals, is required by RSA 673:1 whenever a town or city enacts a Zoning Ordinance. As a "quasi-judicial" entity, the main goal of the ZBA is to make exceptions to the ordinance without having to change the ordinance itself (something only the Town Council has authority to do). Under State enabling statutes (RSA 674:33), the ZBA has the authority to act in four separate and distinctive categories whenever a property owner seeks relief from the requirements of Londonderry's zoning ordinance: 

  • Variance
  • Special Exception
  • Equitable Waiver of Dimensional Requirements
  • Relief of Administrative Decision

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Richard Canuel (603) 432-1100 x107

Board Members

Name Title
Neil Dunn Chair
Jacqueline Benard Vice Chair
Jim Tirabassi Clerk
Bill Berardino Member
Suzanne Brunelle Member
Mitchell Feig Alternate
Brendan O'Brien Alternate
Krystopher Kenney Alternate