Traffic Safety Committee


The Traffic Safety Committee addresses the problems of the Town citizenry when submitted to the Committee. The Committee uses Regulation 94-1, which was adopted by Town Meeting in 1995 as a guide to uniform enforcement. This regulation employs the standards of the US Department of Transportation Federal Highways Administration (MUTCD) Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation Publication, Traffic Control Standards, Statutes and Policies and New Hampshire’s RSA 259:125. The Town’s inventory of standard devices is installed under this Regulation. The committee addresses problems that the citizen’s bring before them to include road signage additions and traffic flow problems. Meetings of the Committee are held quarterly, the first Monday of the month in the Sunnycrest Conference Room at Town Hall at 6:00 PM.

Board Members

Name Title
Robert Ramsay Chairman
Kevin H Smith Town Manager
Scott Laliberte School District
Bill Hart Police Chief
Suzanne Hebert Secretary
Darren O'Brien Fire Chief
Jim Butler Town Council Liaison