Planning Board

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Colleen Mailloux Town Planner (603) 432-1100 x149
John Trottier Assistant Director of Public Works and Engineering (603) 432-1100 x146
Laura Gandia Associate Planner (603) 432-1100 x134
Laura Gandia Associate Planner (603) 432-1100 x134
Beth Morrison (603) 432-1100 x133

Board Members

Name Title
Arthur Rugg Chairman
Mary Wing Soares Vice Chair
Chris Davies Secretary
Scott Benson Assist. Secretary
Al Sypek Member
Jake Butler Member
Ted Combes Ex-Officio Town Council
Tom Dolan Alternate Town Council Liaison
Rick Brideau Ex-Officio Admin. Employee
Giovanni Verani Ex-Officio
Ann Chiampa Alternate
Roger Fillio Alternate
Peter Commerford Alternate